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    Development / Revitalisation

    Appropriate responses to coping with demographic change

    Demographic developments present municipalities with new challenges. Only by establishing a good working cooperation between public administration, local economy and community involvement is it possible to find a suitable balance between the provision of public utilities and stimulating social and economic performance.

    We offer a range of services ranging from competent consultancy and guidance to the sole or joint implementation of building projects.

    Our project development specialists are schooled and experienced in finding optimal solutions to almost all manner of constellations. For us, it is crucial that realised projects are a lasting success. The realisation of a project must be based on a sound analysis, plans and financial calculations. Our members of staff work hand in hand, resulting in coordinated solutions that are intelligent, straightforward, economic and sustainable.

    We can take care of the development of sites in your local municipality, regardless of whether the task at hand is a site being developed for the first time or a concept for the future use of potential sites.

    Whether you are planning to develop a site for building or commercial purposes, aiming to realise an infrastructure project or wish to embark on a regenerative energy project, we can develop an appropriate concept, establish or arrange the necessary legal requirements, provide access and utilities for the site as well as market the land or find potential investors. In some cases, depending on the respective project, the LGSA may also act as the project contractor.

    Our spectrum of services:

    • Concepts for energy policies and self-sufficient energy concepts for municipalities
    • Climate protection concepts for municipalities
    • Concepts for municipal funding programs for complementary funding in soil, the environment and climate protection as well as the provision of public services
    • Core revitalisation concepts
    • Concepts for the dismantlement or conversion / re-use of no longer used facilities or abandoned farmsteads
    • Concepts for housing suitable for the elderly
    • Concepts for the later use of polluted sites within or outside localities
    • Consultancy and concepts for strengthening local and regional characteristics including public participation measures
    • Purchasing or management of building land for long-term urban development concepts
    • Project implementation including project controlling and financing, for example for developing plots for building, for revitalisation and re-utilisation of wasteland sites or vacant buildings, for local heat supply networks, for housing for the elderly as well as for demolition and renaturation measures.
    • Conception of balanced participation or options models with a view to increasing the value of land investments.

    In addition, we can also take care of preparing non-agricultural land for other uses.

    When undertaking housing projects, we strive to revitalise existing vacant building stock or to devise projects for infill sites.

    When constructing photovoltaic solar projects, we site these on disused military sites or industrial wasteland and never on greenfield or agricultural land.

    We assist livestock farmers in utilizing their manure in small or medium-sized biogas plants. As a consequence, the whole village can profit from this cost-effective heating energy source.

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