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    Site Development

    Outsource time-consuming activities - to us, for instance

    Are you planning to develop a residential area, a trade park or a recreational facility? We can provide support based on our long-standing experience. We give assistance in conceptual planning, carry out EIAs, prepare specific land use plans and manage your project from the initial idea to breaking the ground.

    If required, we not only steer site development measures but also market your new site – of course without using a property developer. We will see to it that you as the builder-owner can implement your own concepts within the defined land use plans.

    Examples of our work include:

    • Acquisition of building land within the scope of long-term urban development, or
    • Site development under a purchase order,
    • Contract organisation for participation/option models for a future increase in value

    One more thing to bear in mind: we give priority to site development and re-development within existing rural and urban structures – in short, we favour urban revitalisation over greenfield projects.



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    Dipl.-Ökonom Frank RibbeDipl.-Ökonom Frank Ribbe
    Phone: +49 391 7361-700
    e-Mail: ribbe.f@lgsa.de