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    Our Identity

    The Corporate Identity of the Landgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt

    Who we are – our origins

    The LGSA – as defined in its statutes and through its legal form – is first and foremost not profit oriented. This is an important aspect for establishing lasting partnerships. It represents a challenge and a commitment to caring for the future.

    The LGSA’s most important asset is its staff. Every member of staff, and the energy and expertise they contribute, represents the driving force of the LGSA’s success. The quality of work and the working conditions are being improved continually and communications are held face-to-face.

    The LGSA can draw on a broad range of specialists from different fields of engineering, which together represent the LGSA’s know-how. The LGSA also maintains close connections with its clients and service providers and takes a cooperative win-win approach to partnerships. Our clients and service provides are our partners!

    What we can do – our potential

    Through our land management activities, including a pool of own land plots, we support agricultural businesses, commercial and private enterprise and public development projects of all kinds. Our core competency lies in bringing together specialist competencies to meet the needs of our clients. Through ongoing training and continuing professional development in all sections of the LGSA, our staff are qualified to develop optimal solutions for complex project requirements. The management levels of the LGSA are able to act autonomously, ensuring the development of excellent competencies in many different fields. The LGSA takes a sustainable approach to its own management and its actions on behalf of its partners. The shareholders support this through their social mandate.

    We use our networking opportunities in different fields and at different levels – inside and outside the LGSA, national and international – to ensure the success of our clients.

    The standing of LGSA and its knowledge of the market mean that it is able to respond rapidly. More than any other organisation in the field, the LGSA has a broad presence in the market.

    What we want – our vision

    The LGSA aims to be a first point of contact for the conception, planning and implementation of technical engineering planning projects, whether at the scale of a region or a business. Our primary focus lies in the fields of agriculture and rural development.

    The LGSA aims to be the most important land management agency in Saxony-Anhalt.

    What sets us apart is the ability to offer multiple services in-house. We seek solutions for our partners that are sustainable and economically viable. Our clients can expect us to give our utmost to ensure the success of joint projects and our partners can expect a committed collaborator for their ideas. The LGSA provides impulses for the market place.

    Through its close connections with public partners, the LGSA is especially committed to matters of public interest and importance.