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    Landplots / Areas

    Tilling new fields

    Are you looking for available land? We can help you.

    On the one hand, we own ca. 28,000 ha farmland and manage another 8,000 ha by order of the state government. This land is being gradually sold off according to a long-term strategy that takes into account the market and agricultural structure. We can handle the entire process of your property purchase.

    On the other hand, we also often act as a service agency for property procurement matters. We research land, ownership and management conditions, procure necessary land records, negotiate with owners and operators, ensure correct determination of fair market values and compensation amounts, prepare contracts and agreements up to notarisation and supervise contract execution.

    For necessary non-agricultural large-area projects, we can accompany these by undertaking leased land management specific to the respective requirements to minimise the operational impact of loss of land.

    It goes without saying that our full service also covers sales. A top priority in all our activities is careful dealings with soil resources as well as the safeguarding and creation of a sound agricultural structure.



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    Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard SchosterDipl.-Ing. Eberhard Schoster
    Phone: +49 391 7361-710
    e-Mail: schoster.e@lgsa.de