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    Project Development / Management

    Wir richten uns ganz nach Ihren Wünschen

    Are you looking for someone to support your investment project from preparation via planning, project steering, construction management to financing? And who can also procure suitable premises? If so, then you have already found your partner: we take on land plot securing for you, obtain a building permission, coordinate with public agencies and authorities as well as utility supply and disposal companies, commission investigations of contaminated sites, prepare feasibility studies and, if required, take on your financial management / cost and budget controlling. In order to relieve your workload, we perform the entire institutional management and moderate between ‘public authorities’, firms, residents and yourself as investor. 


    You retain full flexibility: you can book our complete service package (‘one-stop agency’) or only individual phases. We provide customised solutions conforming to sound business management and statutory principles. Typically, we take on all work that does not relate to the investment proper and its refinancing, e.g. land use planning, site development planning and site development, project steering, financing, architectural and engineering design services.

    Depending on the project, we also act as a full-service provider (e.g. worksite development, property conversions). If you want to organise the relevant contract yourself or wish to commission transaction, fiduciary, participation or option model or by way of interim management, we will comply with your requests. As a general rule, we only act as a project executing agency.



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    Dipl.-Ökonom Frank RibbeDipl.-Ökonom Frank Ribbe
    Phone: +49 391 7361-700
    e-Mail: ribbe.f@lgsa.de