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    Community Development

    Beautify your village

    Do you intend to improve the supply situation in your village, reduce the non-occupancy rate, revitalise your village centre – in short, to upgrade living and working conditions? If so, put it into effect! The objective should be to develop your village to provide equivalent living conditions in the countryside, while maintaining characteristic village and landscape structures and retaining traditional forms of building and settlement.

    Together with municipalities and interested inhabitants, we prepare community development plans or thematic regional development concepts and support “visions for the future” workshops – in short, we offer help in practical project realisation. In addition, it is particularly important to respond actively to the process of demographic change in your municipality. We work with you to face the challenge of finding a balance between the provision of public utilities and stimulating social and economic performance.




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    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heike WinkelmannDipl.-Ing. (FH) Heike Winkelmann
    Phone: +49 391 7361-742
    e-Mail: winkelmann.h@lgsa.de