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    We take on mitigation and replacement measures on your behalf

    Nature conservation laws state that if a development – whether it be for a simple livestock building, a road or an industrial plant – results in unavoidable interventions in the natural habitat or landscape, it is necessary to demonstrate the provision of compensatory or replacement measures. This is a topic that we have dealt with intensively and successfully for many years. As a member of the Association of Land Agencies (www.verband-flaechenagenturen.de/), we share our experiences with others.

    Particularly relevant in this respect is our ‘ecopool’ of compensation projects. Developers required to provide mitigation or replacement measures can select an ecopool in their region and transfer full responsibility to the LGSA. The contract frees the developer of all liability. The LGSA assumes full responsibility for the preparation, implementation and ongoing upkeep of the replacement or compensation measures and we plan compensation measures to be compatible with agricultural demands and in line with nature conservation aims.

    Our projects

    Overview map of our ecopool projects



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