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    International Cooperation Projects

    Strike out in new directions with our help!

    When developing your municipality or region, it is not always easy to realise your ideas with your available means. In addition, projects can often benefit from working with partners and developing a network of collaborators. Our proposal: try extending this to an international level! The European Union provides extensive grant funding for a variety of different aspects of rural development, for example to strengthen local competitiveness, to respond to demographic changes or climatic changes and to conserve the natural and cultural landscape. 

    We can assist you in finding an appropriate funding program and partners for your project idea. We provide concrete support in preparing application documents and help overcome any language barriers. Once project funding has been granted, we can help with our experience of managing the organisation and financing of EU projects.

    Use the opportunity for international exchange. You’ll be surprised to learn about interesting approaches that your counterparts in other countries have been practicing for years.

    We would be pleased to assist you in preparing and implementing projects at an international level. Get in touch to find out more!




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    Dipl.-Geogr. Jörn Freyer
    Phone: +49 391 7361-730
    e-Mail: freyer.j@lgsa.de