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    Land Use Planning

    Steering your municipality in the right direction

    Which land plots should be used for which purpose? Land use planning is the most significant municipal design element. This instrument is used by the local municipality to regulate use of land in a town or village. First a preparatory land-use plan is drafted that covers the entire municipal territory. This plan forms the basis of a municipal land-use plan as a binding land-use plan. This plan is then ratified by the municipality as by-laws and governs types and extent of uses for building purposes, permitted areas for development and circulation areas.

    You can tell from the above what the potential of a binding land-use plan is. This plan sets the course to be steered by your municipality in the years to come. Make use of our experience to take the right decisions and adopt sustainable binding land-use plans! We provide you with tools to aid the decision-making process, prepare draft resolutions, draw up planning documents legible by the public and prepare statutorily required plans.

    Rural municipalities in particular appreciate our range of in-house staff from experienced planners to agricultural engineers and land and environmental protection experts. We are happy to make our expertise available to you: land use planning coves many aspects – and this is what governs our thinking and actions.



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