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    Our main business divisions

    Land management and property development

    • Property procurement, management and provision for infrastructure measures as well for our own business
    • Provision of a farmstead exchange
    • Sale of agricultural premises and building
    • Development and utility-related preparation of building land
    • Soil and farmland consolidation
    • Eco-account and compensation area management
    • CAD / GIS databases

    Agriculture and agrarian structure

    • Process-engineering and/or managerial consultancy for agricultural businesses
    • Management/guidance of investment projects in agricultural businesses

    Rural development

    • Community renewal / community development, agricultural space and landscape planning
    • Integrated rural region development and regional management
    • Strategic development and evaluation of incentives policies
    • Construction planning and management services
    • Project development and project management

    The majority of our business activities are performed in Saxony-Anhalt. In addition, we provide several services in adjacent federal states in coordination with their rural development associations.