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    Municipalities / Federal State

    We make you fit for the future!

    The maintenance and extension of municipal infrastructures is a core task of cities, towns and villages. In addition to our know-how in many planning areas, we also provide solutions and concepts for complex municipal infrastructure projects: from rehabilitation, financing and regional development concepts via consultancy in energy issues to project support by our interdisciplinary team. The development of sustainable energy resources also plays an increasing role. In all of the above, we also take demographic changes into consideration so that your municipality can continue to offer an optimal living environment for generations to come. 




    Nature conservation laws state that if a development – whether it be for a simple livestock building, a road or an industrial plant –... 

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    Land Use Planning

    Which land plots should be used for which purpose? Land use planning is the most significant municipal design element. This instrument is used by the... 

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    Community Development

    Do you intend to improve the supply situation in your village, reduce the non-occupancy rate, revitalise your village centre – in short, to... 

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    Farmland Consolidation

    The LGSA, as Saxony-Anhalt’s non-profit settlement corporation, is the certified ‘competent body’ with sovereign authority to carry... 

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    Municipal building projects

    Present-day builder-owners have a large variety of design and construction opportunities at hand with which to plan their building projects as... 

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    Greenery and Open Space Planning

    The development of urban and agricultural spaces exerts an increasing strain on the natural resources in our environment. Space-related planning as... 

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    Land Plots / Areas

    Are you looking for available land? We can help you.  On the one hand, we own ca. 28,000 ha farmland and manage another 8,000 ha by order of... 

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    Your municipality / federal state has adopted a strategy, but is it consistently pursued? This is the right approach, since you will only reach your... 

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